Saturday, December 04, 2004


I am waiting for my date to show up so I thought I would say a few words. I am trying to keep an open mind with this, but when it comes to me, my intuition sometimes overriddes all. I won't say anything else about it and I will update later. My exciting news is that I got an ipod mini. I already have over 600 songs on it - I think I am in love. I always had an affinity to the old Ally McBeal theme song notion - in fact was annoyed that they used it in the show because I felt like it was my idea. Now I can have a constant soundtrack to my life. This soundtrack is much more flexible than my 10 song MP3 player alotted me. Very exciting! I want to bring it out on my date, but perhaps that might be construed as borderline anti-social....

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