Thursday, December 09, 2004


Tonight was mega TV night. I had the girls and the Aussie over to watch all of the shows. To top off the night, Canada is one step closer to instituting gay marriage. I am proud to live in country that is making this move.

When my friends started to arrive this evening, the lawyer called. He asked if this was a bad time to talk and I told him I had friends over. He continued to talk...and talk....and talk. I had to tell him that I was being rude to my guests and then he continued to talk. I have to tell you this just didn't help the situation. I am not looking forward to this second date - at all. I keep thinking that I must be a complete bitch, but I can't help how I feel. It just happens. Dana told me that I just need to get to the point where I can tell him to shut up - that comfort level. The way I see it is that no one should be with someone who wants to tell them to shut up, so early on at least. I am reacting to his personality traits and he deserves to date someone who doesn't have that reaction - especially after only one date. The lawyer was trying to tell me he had a computer program that he thought I would like. He said he could bring home his notebook and that I could connect my computer to his and get this program that I have never heard of. Now I can hear anyone who reads that saying, "but that is so nice". I am not ready to make any connection with him at all. All this connecting of his and mine???? All the while my friends are sitting in my apartment and I am trying to hang up with this guy that I met only ONCE for a COFFEE!!! It is just too much. He gave me his "private" work number, and told me I "wouldn't even have to go through his secretary to get to him - hahaha" - The same secretary he complained of being so insubordinate (in all fairness to the lawyer, he didn't use those words, but that is how it sounded, which is the equivalent to how impressive it is to treat wait staff poorly).

Today I exchanged a few emails with Michael, the old boyfriend. Sadly I enjoy every single word that he writes. In reality I know this is going nowhere, but I guess that is the kind of feeling I am holding out for with someone else. It has happened before so it can happen again.

This weekend I want to do some shopping, I have a party on Saturday night, and I need to finish off my paper. All in all it is a pretty good weekend. I am so happy I did most of my paper and can get out and do other things without that in the back of my mind.

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