Saturday, December 25, 2004

normal insane

Christmas 2004 is almost over. I will be thrilled to have the planet return to its normal insane self.

Today I went to see Kinsey, the movie about the sex researcher. It was a good one and Liam Neisen is hot and the story is very interesting.

It has gotten cold here, luckily I didn't leave the house today (again). Surely that will get old fast. I ate so much today I am disgusting. I did that with a stomach that has already been off since I got home. Very smart. I think it is because I generally eat more when I am here and I am not used to it.

I have spent a little time while I have been here thinking about what my plans are for next year. I am keeping an open mind, but the idea of spending a few months in Australia is not out of the question. Neither is the idea of moving to FL. I am scared of so many things, but people don't tend to regret trying something new, rather they often regret not doing something (thanks Mom). I need to think about this more clearly later, but in the meantime I should start next month paying only my minimum loan payments and bank the rest so that I can continue them even if I am away.

My mother also recommended to me that I stop limiting myself to only dating Jewish MOTHER... I wasn't actually doing it for her. It is something that has always been important to me. Funny enough, I always get the feeling that I am going to end up with a non-Jewish guy despite my effort. Who knows... I got a little upset with my Mom saying, "I don't want my boyfriend to be Christmas crazy or have a cross over his bed". She had a good point when she reminded me that chances are I wouldn't find a guy for me that was like that and vice versa. We wouldn't be each other's "thing". Regardless, I am going to do what is right for me, whatever that may be.

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