Monday, December 13, 2004

hoof and mouth disease

Maybe this is a sign that I am growing up. Not only did I answer the phone when the lawyer called tonight, but I actually got the nerve up to tell him that I didn't want to go out again. It was really tough, especially when he talked for a half hour before he asked me out again, which was the in I was waiting for. It was hard to say but he seemed fine with it - he took it like a mensch. I didn't feel relieved right away but I am starting to now.

I went out for lunch with my boss and colleagues, which was nice - good food. I didn't hear what my colleagues were talking about at one point until someone mentioned a camera cell phone. I said that camera phones were - and I think the exact word was, "crap", only to then see that my boss was holding out her camera phone to show my colleagues. Nice. I didn't even really bother to attempt a recovery on that one - I figured it would only draw attention.

Finishing up work things, dating things, and shopping. That is what this week is about for me. Let's add trying not to put my foot in my mouth...again.

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