Sunday, December 05, 2004

the looker

Isn't it strange that when you least expect it, you have a great time. Well, I wasn't actually referring to the date I had this afternoon, although I have to tell you that my instincts about the lawyer were wrong. He was actually cooler in person than I expected. He was even kind of cute. He may not be my perfect guy, but I would try another date.

In the meantime, on my way home I heard someone calling my name and it was my Aussie friend in the pub at the end of my street. I went in for a few minutes and met his work friends. One of them was very good looking. Later on I was going to the Aussie's and my old roomate's (they are together) for dinner. I went early to hang out while the aussie was still out with his friends. The boys came back to hang out there for some drinks and it turns out the looker was as funny and nice as he was cute. I don't think we are a good match, but I am thrilled that I actually have the capacity to feel like that about a guy. That sounds strange, I am sure, but I have gone on so many dates (most blind) in the last few years, and even with the guys who got past the first 3, there has been a lack of attraction. I forgot that it existed, or perhaps thought that it was one of those feelings you got when you were younger and idealistic. Basically I assumed it was a deficit in me rather than them. Tonight was just enough to let me know that it is still there - still something that I think I need and deserve. i don't need to try to fit into a space, or force myself to get used to someone. There is more out there for me than that.

That was part of the night - I guess the part that set the tone, but the most fun was after they left. I set the ipod up to the stereo and we danced! Yes, danced. All night long. Basically the guys watched except for a few songs they couldn't resist. The Aussie spent a full hour, manually flashing the lights for us. I haven't had that much fun in a long time.

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