Thursday, March 16, 2006

turn and face the strange changes

When I was little, I used to be enthralled with Connie Chung
Last night I slept without my nightlight by accident
Nothing happened
No one came into my apartment to kill me
Or steal everything I own
Things change
Change is like ocean waves
It keeps coming at you with it’s swollen momentum
It rushes in and draws out


Lx said...

yea but never underestimate the undertow. it does draw out. but what?

when i was young i despised both connie chung AND maury povich. and if you really wanna know, i despised Maury's dad, too: Shirley. who the fuck names a boy Shirley? or Sue? anyway, sorry about the tangent.

Rachel said...

You can never keep things the same. It's relentless.

I second that. "Shirley" for a guy is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Povich, however, was a great sportswriter--so he gets props for that. that and the fact that the bastard lived into his late 90s, i believe.