Saturday, March 04, 2006

sunny saturday

It really pisses me off when people take my schedule and my life for granted. I may not have a husband and I may not have any children, but I do have my own things to do. It may be my fault because I do believe that, to some extent, you teach people how to treat you and I have often been too easy to concede. Yesterday I made plans to meet up with a friend of mine, sacrificing the gym. I left my gym bag at home, so when she called mid-afternoon to cancel, I was left without plans and without my gym stuff. Instead I went home. OK, so that is not such a bad thing, but the plans were moved to brunch this morning. I cut my gym trip short this AM to rush back, skipped buying my latte because I figured I would have one at brunch, declined an invitation to meet up with another friend at Starbucks and got home only to find a message to say this friend had finished at her gym early and decided to eat at home. What the fuck? How is that ok? Why do I go through a million scheduling contortions to make space for people? In this case the rationale is that I love her and because she has had a tough three years, but I can always find a reason.

It is a sunny sunday. I have the most delicious multi-grain bread from a bakery, toasted with peanut butter, a coffee, and a green apple and the paper. Now I am going to sit and read through my newspaper. Every single page. There will be no rushing to go anywhere or do anything. I am not going to feel bad for being bitchy about it and I am not going to overcompensate by changing my plans this afternoon. I just won't.


Lx said...

is it sunday in toronto, when it's saturday everywhere else? are you canucks THAT special??
also...STARBUCKS??!! that shit is evil. lay off it.

Rachel said...

we're full of inconsistencies, us canadians. It's the time difference, we're that far north.

The Fed Ex of Funk said...

Just as you teach others how to treat you, so too do they teach you. If people keep blowing you off, you just have to scale back the commitments you make to them. I can handle legitimate reasons -- everyone gets a flat tire or unexpected family problem once in a while -- but everything else is just them flaking. And I guess it wouldn't hurt to be more prepared for contingencies? You could keep your gym bag in the car or get a locker, I guess. Enjoy your "Sunday". ;-)