Sunday, March 19, 2006

no clue

Got me a cold, so I took it easy this evening. No drunk post. No Sunday hangover to look forward to (although I did buy a bottle of Goldschlager in preparation for whenever the hell I feel like it). I went to see Dave Chapelle’s Block Party, which was great, and then I picked up some Montreal Bagels and some “ultra” Kleenex on my way home. The bagels were still warm from the oven. There is nothing like the Montreal bagel. I am SO about to top off the popcorn and diet coke I just consumed with a bagel, peanut butter, and banana, under a blanket, while I watch the Office. And it was Col. Mustard, in the billiards room, with a candlestick. Whatever.


momentofchoice said...

feel better very soon.

Rachel said...

thanks moc! hope your doing well too.