Sunday, March 19, 2006

trans canada highway

Breaking the endless silence of the middle of nowhere New Brunswick
A place that is darker and quieter than anything else I have known
In a strange bed
I could hear the transport trucks off in the distance
Of the Trans Canada Highway
Eighteen wheels
Of Freightliners and Peterbilts
Moaning louder and louder
A sound that disappeared faster than it took to come

That place never got familiar
No matter how many times my father took me there
To the soil where he was planted
And grew
No matter how many times I curled up under the covers
Thinking, no, not that sound again
When will it end?

Tonight, the moaning of the March wind at the window above my bed
Brings me to New Brunswick
To animal urgency
Fear and emptiness
Like a cow in labor
Alone in a dark barn
Somewhere bewtween dusk and dawn

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