Friday, March 03, 2006

law and order

Cold air
Radiates in from the spaces around the air conditioner
Left in from the summer
Waiting for the summer
Home early on a Friday night
In late February
Watching Law and Order: SVU
And eating chocolate chips
How kind the psychiatrist’s eyes are
The same eyes that were evil in Oz


Lx said...

it' all right.
i fell victim to the same sort of malaise.
sans the ovulation.
and sans the chocolate chips.
and sans the Law and Order.
but overall,
the same sort of mood.
sometimes, though,
looking for ways to fill in the blanks
is what keeps us alive,
cheers to you
on this early early morning saturday (445 am).

Rachel said...

when do you sleep A????

Lx said...

you want exact times?