Monday, January 01, 2007


There will be no New Years resolutions for me. On a good day I spend enough time analyzing and reforming myself. Today? Forget it.

I arrived home to a nice clean place, unpacked my bag right away rather than let it sit for the better part of a week. I went to sleep sober, having spent much of my NYE in the airport in Halifax, Montreal, and on the airplane.I slept well and long and now I'm cooking oatmeal and coffee and getting set to watch some of the things I missed on my personal video recorder (PVR). In this way, I will spend my morning. Maybe in a couple of hours I'll go for a run outside. It's going to be a balmy 10 degrees and sunny here - well above zero. That's my kind of start to 2007.

I did however make a wish, to whoever might be listening, for health, peace, love, and happiness for my family and friends, and that includes you.

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Lx said...

the revolution will not be televised.
or, uh...resolution.
snap. snap.