Saturday, January 27, 2007

hard out here for a shrink

Do you ever watch Oprah [or as Howard Stern calls her, Fat Pretentious Oprah]? Yes, well I sometimes do.

This week there was a show on whether women can 'have it all', meaning attain career success and be good mothers at the same time. They had stay-at-home mothers and working mothers debating the virtues of their choices. Serious cat fights ensued. The best was this one woman, a psychiatrist, who went back to work when her children were babies, which is her perogative and certainly I have nothing to say about that, but in her argument she actually said the following (keep in mind she is a PSYCHIATRIST):

[And I'm paraphrasing]

"Anyone can hold your baby and read them a book. It's later, when they're in their teens, that they need you."

I almost choked. Sigmund fucking Freud would turn over in his grave. Where the hell did this woman do her residency, the Sally Struthers International Correspondence School?

That scares me. It's hard out here for a [person trying to find a good] shrink. Thank the lawd I found one. Imagine what kinda shit you'd have to put up with reading if I hadn't.


chapman said...

one can't even imagine...

haha.just jokes.
but, for real. i find psychology to be such bunk. the process you go through in therapy could be carried out by so many people who don't have that degree.

i also hate howard stern and have probably obvious opinions about oprah.

good morning! i just woke up. such a morning person...

Rachel said...

Psychology is full of behavioral and cognitive therapy and Psychiatry is, at least in the last 20 years, almost exlusively about medications, and neither of those avenues hold 'the key' to happiness as they'd have you believe.

Never trust someone who thinks there's just one way to answer a question or solve a problem.