Friday, January 19, 2007

worrying about earthquakes

I dreamt I was staying in a house in California.
Worrying about earthquakes.
The bedroom was decorated
With old framed photographs
In black and white.
They were of people I once knew
Like a guy I'd briefly dated
After high school.
Later I was at a party by the pool.
And he was there.
Maybe he's different now
I hoped as he approached.
Maybe he's not so weak
So tortured
So inept.
I let him take my hand
And we walked toward the pool.
But as soon as he spoke
I knew he was exactly as I'd left him.
And so I attached him to a plank
Using string
And I floated him out.
He choked on water
And grew a dark beard.
I knew he was dying
But I waded out of the pool and left.

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