Sunday, December 31, 2006

farewell to nova scotia

After the initial turmoil and culture shock of being home, things smoothed out. I spent a little time with a couple of friends that are still around but most of the time I spent at home with the family. Today I met my old roommate Roshan, from my third year of University. We've been in touch periodically but I haven't seen her in over five years. Nothing's changed except that neither of us smoke any more and we both have a regular paycheck. I don't even think we look any older than we did way back when we lived in the upper flat of the old victorian. I can't remember exactly what year it was, but I remember they read out OJ's verdict while I was walking home from campus. People in their cars shouted 'not guilty' and I walked faster so I could get back and turn on the television.

We talked for a long time over coffee and Roshan told me that she was home for the holidays and she'd heard that a couple of weeks ago, my ex-boyfriend Michael's father died. Michael told me his father was quite sick when I saw him in Vancouver. Never one to discuss feelings, I wasn't surprised that he didn't respond when I emailed him a few weeks ago to see how his father was doing. I knew there was a chance that meant he was sicker or had died, but I didn't want to push. I feel really bad for him. It happened right before Christmas, Somehow it seems like people die more often at this time of year. I guess I'll make a donation and email him when I'm back to see how he's doing.

We also talked about Tommy, my old friend that I bumped in to on the subway a while back. He's still sending me emails. Sometimes they make sense but other times they don't, in a way that I find frightening. The things he says...I don't know....he gives me a bad feeling. Roshan told me a couple of other things that just reinforce that I should trust my instinct on this one. I went so far as to warn my parents that Tommy's been a little odd and that they should keep a pleasant distance if they cross paths with him. Chances are I'm being more careful than I need to be, but I'd rather play it safe.

I met my father and his third wife for lunch yesterday, but I'll leave that can of worms for another day.

So this is pretty much it. I probably won't have time to say anything else here until 2007. I'm on the road again tomorrow [and by road I mean sky]. Farewell 2007. Farewell to the land of the trailer park boys.

Happy new year to all y'all.


Lx said...

you're saying farewell to 2007 already. nice. must've been a shit year.
(from Heathrow)

Rachel said...

Someday when I hit it big, I'll hire you as my editor.

slyboots2 said...

Happy New Year to you too! My Mother used to say, onward and upward, jiggedy jig. Not that I know what the hell that means, or anything.

Happy Trails too!