Sunday, December 24, 2006

time on my hands

What's up with the accents that people in black and white movies (like Little Women) have? What are they? And did people back then really act that way - that really affected way? My guess is they didn't, so were they just more gullible back then? Why didn't audiences demand more realistic acting?

I've never had an appreciation for black and white movies. I've never had the patience for a film that didn't seem real to me, like black & white, westerns (unless it was little house on the prairie), sci fi, cartoons.


LooLar said...

So how was the new guy and the drink? Did he notice the skates?

Lx said...

oh man..i'm not even gonna get in on this.
let's just say you've been missing out by shunning old films.
and...uh...what? the new stuff now is realistic?
i'm bummed.

Rachel said...

Hey Loolar, he did notice the skates and then he told me he plays hockey, but not well, which added to his charm.

Lex, when you get back from Berlin, maybe you can start working on a list for me. Coming from you, i might just listen. But the accent...what IS that?