Saturday, December 23, 2006

bustling and slowing

The blogger world is so quiet. I didn't know even THAT would slow down so much this time of year. I guess since I spent last December in Australia I didn't really notice. Well, my holiday is over and I'm bored so I'll just post something, if for no other reason than to read it myself later.

I'm going to meet a new guy for a drink. A Saturday afternoon drink. I could use a drink. I could use a guy. I figured I have nothing to lose.

Later tonight, after I meet friends for dinner, we're going skating. Should be interesting on several counts. First I have to carry my skates in my gym bag on my date - not so cool. Second, I haven't been on skates in a number of years. And finally, since I haven't taken proper care of the skates, the blades appear to be covered in a faint layer of rust. I imagine that's not good. Ah well. I'm just going to go with it. I'm wild like that.

Harry is gone away on his trip with his friends - I won't see him until next year, and he's already booked a January holiday with the new girl, I accidentally wrote gurrrl, which reminds me of one of LX's regulars that I haven't seen around his blog in a while. I wonder where she went.

I'll write something later - if the date doesn't spark something, I have a few other things on the go.

Good luck with the last of the shopping and bustling.


Anonymous said...

good luck on your date!

enjoy the bustle and winter. i hate to admit that i miss it.

Lx said...

yea, what has happened to that gurrrl? hey, i love ice skating with rusty equipment. makes it so much more interesting. i always hated people who donned shiny, sparkly new things.

and hey, what's this about the blogger world being quiet. i have a new one up. and i'll be posting from Deutschland, too. your favourite country. har.