Monday, April 25, 2005

when things were simple, they never were

I remember we were driving in Franny's Mom's enormous station wagon - it was the three of us and we were the centre of the world. The car was beige with wood panneling, and had a seat in the back which faced out. It was a mess. The apholstery was ripped and the engine groaned and choked. It was always a miniature celebration when it started, like wherever we were going was meant to be. We were stoned that night. I can't remember where we were going. Ren popped in our mix tape. Driving downtown we took Gladstone, and the car was really moving. It was picking up speed, heading to the famous sloped bump in the road. Anthrax and Public Enemy cheered us on, Bring the Noise. We belted out the lyrics. I was afraid for my life and the hash wasn't helping. Hitting the slope, the wagon lifted. The entire world was still for what felt like a full minute. We must have cleared 6 feet.

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