Saturday, April 09, 2005


I had such an amazing day. It is beautiful outside. I got up, had a bite to eat, met a friend for coffee, went for a great run, figured out how to style my new haircut, got a wax (which I realized when I got home was completely fermished), had a mani-pedicure, and tonight I am going out for dinner with friends. I brought home a half-caff americano and ate some granola to tide me over until tonight. My ex Michael emailed me out of the blue...again. What does that mean??? Why does that make me so happy? Still, I am looking forward to my date tomorrow - The resident is back. He wasn't supposed to be around until Passsover, but he emailed this week to say he decided to come up. We are going out tomorrow night. Despite the somewhat sophomoric vocabulary, I find him kind, witty, and clever. He is also very cute, and more than three apples high. There is a small chance I am mistaking some things he says as sarcasm. For example, when he said he would bring a haki sak so we could play, I thought, "how terribly funny", then wondered, "what if he was serious". I guess this is where I just have to wait and see. Isn't being single great?

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