Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my blanket

Sometimes I look you up. You are my nail biting, my pacing. You are the place I burn off excess energy.

Sometimes I think of you when I am trying to sleep. You are my blanket with triangle edges. You taste good when I hold you in my mouth.

One day, like the blanket, the nail biting, the smoking, the eating, the not eating, you too will pass. I will get to an imperceptable place and you will fall away. I will forget why I ever needed you.


Lx said...

that imperceptible, extremely slight, subtle that from your point of view or the other's?

ChapFu said...

i liked the style. slightly reminiscent of the "i am jack's..." in fight club. and i always wonder if i'm glad i got to that "place" or not.

Tzviya said...

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Lx said...

Sweet! I'm in.

Rachel said...

If Amp is in so am I.

That "place" is from my point of view, only I don't know I am there until everything has changed.

I don't even know if that makes sense. I haven't seen fight club, but I think you got it Chapfu.

...was out for some drinks

Lx said...

have seen Fight Club.
i see where Chap's going with it.
however, if you get around, you should READ Fight Club. It's a bit more dynamic and less glitzy and edgy and whatever the feck else the film was.