Saturday, November 05, 2005

more than the color of his shoes

What if I find out there never was a true talent?

I have always imagined it there, awaiting discovery. I was either not “applying myself” enough, as countless teachers and my parents told me growing up, or it was not the 'right' time.

What if it was never there at all? Would that be a tragedy? It feels tragic. Where would that leave me?

Like a honeycomb dripping full, so many things bring me pleasure: working through to a perfect combination of words, a violin echoing on the walls of the subway station, the sound of an orchestra tuning their instruments, nestled into the backdrop of hushed murmurs of the audience, ballet class to a grand piano, being overwhelmed by the sky, being what someone needs at the right time, feeling skin against my skin. And how these things catch my breath, leave my heart aching, wanting to remember every sweet drop.

If in my last moments I see that rather than a talent, an appreciation or a participation is all I have to offer, will it be enough?


Lx said...


(P.S. my mouth actually started to water Pavlov doggie-stylee at the picture of the cherries).

THAT'S a talent, no?

ChapFu said...

"enough" for what, is the question. being sure of your talent would only lead to questions of "doing" enough. as long as you're not complacent, i think you're good.

Rachel said...

Aaaaah, my two favourite cyber-boys. Making mens mouths water? I think THAT is a talent. Now if only I could find one who could do the same for me. Let's hear it for red wine, which I plan to drink a lot of this evening. See if that helps my date hone his talent.

I most definately am not sure, and because of that I don't think I have it in me to be complacent. Good point - I keep coming back to that.

Lx said...
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Lx said...

Boys?? BOYS??
Dude, I'm 36 years of age and have three kids. One is 18. I haven't been called a boy in 20 years.

ChapFu said...

i'll take boy. it's approrpriate.