Thursday, November 10, 2005

it just might work

Walking to my echocardiagram, the sky exploded in thunder and lightening. The rain was driving, almost tropical. Normally, for those of us who search for signs, a violent storm would be ominous, but not then. At that moment I felt better. I don't know, something about electricity coursing through a surprised November sky made me think about how I don't often have trust in my body, and how sometimes unexpected things happen. For me, this was a sign that my heart just might work.

I was right. It looks like there is a minor problem, but nothing to write home about. No gaping, flopping ventricle, no evidence of a massive heart attack. I have to await the final word, but it looks ok.


Lx said...

in my culture, abundant rain or a violent storm is actually good luck.

twice this has happened to me: once on my wedding day, and once when my third daughter was born.

this is good doubt about it.

ChapFu said...

i don't have 3 daughters or anything but i just think that natural outpourings are cool. i'm sure everything is good.(dag, beer did it again.)

Rachel said...

I tried to respond last night but I had too many drinks and I couldn't quite put the words together. And now, still not so much.

I need to go drink a pound of coffee. And water.

And thanks for the natural outpourings.