Thursday, May 31, 2007

he goes

Tonight I met Harry and a few of his friends for Indian food. At dinner one of the guys made reference to a girl 'who goes', meaning she puts out. Have you ever heard that? I hadn't, but in terms of word efficiency, I think it's clever. Anyway, one of the guys there, a South African entertainment lawyer, was very charming. We talked a fair bit through dinner and I must say his accent was very sexy.

After we left the group, Harry and I went to see one of his musician friends play in a bar near Koreatown. Between sets we sat at a table having a drink and Harry casually brought the South African up. He asked me if I found him attractive. I told him I intially thought he was average-looking, but that his personality made him more attractive. Then he told me how, while nice, the guy wasn't the relationship type. 'More of a quantity guy than quality', I think were his words. I got the feeling that Harry had picked up on the chemistry and was a little jealous. Ok, maybe jealous is too strong a word. He's not the jealous type. Protective? I don't know. Maybe a bit of both, but whatever it was, it was kind of nice that it triggered 'something' in him.

When he dropped me off at home, out of the blue I wanted so badly to ask him to stay. I didn't want the night to end. I love these kinds of nights. Warm, without a chill in the air and to top it off I don't have to work tomorrow or the next day, or the next. But it's more than that. I wanted him to stay. I just couldn't ask.


Funk Delivery said...

I don't like that phrase. Maybe it's just that I associate "going" with the bathroom.

As for Harry, the obvious question is why didn't you ask? I don't know the answer for you, but lately I've come to the conclusion that my own reason in similar circumstances is embarrassment. This shouldn't be confused with a fear of rejection, because it would be awkward in either case. We think it's embarrassing to ask, period, because we've somehow convinced ourselves that the events we want should just happen naturally, or perhaps that some combination of body language and pheromones is the only right way to communicate. And it's not just in relationships; I'm embarrassed to ask a store employee for help finding stuff on the shelf, friends for favors, or really anyone for anything when there's nothing in it for them. In some respects this is a good thing: it probably prevents me from all sorts of ridiculous requests that would just irritate the people around me. It's just that I think we take this too far at the expense of asking for things we should (most of which we'd receive upon request). We're too embarrassed to even try.

Lx said...

these "quantity" people.

Sam Stecher said...

SOunds like a grand night. And now I shall pander without shame. Sorry,

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Rachel said...

FD, I think for me it's fear.For me it'salways fear.

Lex, they're a difficult breed, but I'm amazed at how they do what they want and only see what they want.

Nebraska, Voted. Very good stuff Sam. I think you're great!

Jeans Pants said...

I think its too early in the morning for me. Quanity not quality? Im trying to figure out what that means. I think Im going to re-read this later. I want to help.

Lx said...

rachel, don't be too amazed.
there are many who let them.

Rachel said...

JP it's about people who would rather sleep with a lot of people [quantity] than have something of a little substance [quality] with one at a time.