Tuesday, May 15, 2007

no karate kid here

Ice on. Ice off.
It's been 24 hours like this.
Throw in Advil every four hours
And my foot up on three pillows
Using my new american apparel leggings
As the "C" in R.I.C.E.
Until I could walk far enough to buy an ace bandage.
All day I watched taped show after show and then
The girls came over to keep me company
And I opened up the red I brought home from Napa.
We ordered sushi, which was all wrong for the wine
But it was great.
Ankle shmankle.
Nothing a few too many glasses of wine can't fix.


Lx said...

and now i think of
poor pat morita.
rotting away properly,
pushing up daisies,
feeding trees.

ralph macchio still looks
scott baio, also.

Jeans Pants said...

Wine can fix a lot of things.

Rachel said...

JP, yesy indeed.

Lex, Scott Baio in fact looks 40ish. I saw him on Arrested development today.