Wednesday, May 09, 2007

whole foods

I'm back in the trenches...only it doesn't feel so much like trenches. Up until last night I thought I could smell it; the smell of human flesh and stagnant hypoxic spaces, but it's been nothing like that. I'm not known for jumping to the best conclusion, but I have and I'm excited, I'm interested, and I don't feel like I've entered an isolation room, gowned, gloved, goggled and N95 airway protected. It's alive and human.

As a small child I used to think everything could fit into two categories: geometric and organic. Everything. I didn't even know what organic meant, and it was certainly before grocery stores specialized in it.

Anyway, I need to eat and shower and watch Law & Order, so I'm not going back into this to make it make better sense.

Now that's organic.


Lx said...

law and order
is still on?
good god;
i only watched the first season
with Dzunza and Noth
in '88.
dick wolf (producer)
came and spoke to my film class
in '89.
something tells me he's dead by now.
law and order
order and law.
the scent of hospitals
has always made me sick
to my stomach.
i have visions of staph
running rampant
through the hallways.
i have no fortitude for hospitals.
my advanced directive
specifies: no hospitals.
leave me home.
and cremate the vessel.

Rachel said...

Oh come on, b. cereus.

Lx said...

i'll bring up a copy.

Rachel said...

No need. I believe you. Just throwing out an old microbiology joke to go along with your staph comment.

bacillus cereus.
Sounds like 'be serious'...

Jeans Pants said...

I used to watch all the Law and Orders including the short lived Trial by Jury. I never liked CI thought and What the hell has happened to regular Law and Order this year. Everyone on that show now is Hot and Sexy, well except for that lawyer guy. Anyways the only one I watch now is SVU.

Did I just dedicate a whole comment to Law and Order? Yes I did =0)

Rachel said...

Love SVU. It's the only one.