Thursday, November 02, 2006

happy bee

"Wow, look at you", I told her, crouching to her level. "What a great little bumble bee you are!"

She smiled, eyes wide.

"That's my Mama", she told me, breathing audibly with excitement, pointing toward the sidewalk where a woman stood smiling.

"That's my Mom", she corrected herself.

Her shoulders moved up and down, still breathing loudly.

"Her name's Sandra."

"Hi Sandra." I waived at the women.

"Ok Hannah, let's keep moving", her mother chucked. "Say thank you."

She stood a moment longer, breathing and grinning.

All I could think was, now THAT's happy.


Lx said...

they were all like that for me.

Tired Dad said...

Do you know what. Bollocks. This is excellent too. I am getting tired of this. Write something rubbish for goodness sake.

(I mean none of the above. Except for the positive things)

Rachel said...

Thanks TD. You are very sweet.