Saturday, November 25, 2006

ground hog day

“Did you know that there are groundhogs in the city, just loose?”, I asked without looking up.

“No, I never really thought about it.”

That was me trying to make conversation on Friday afternoon. I've been in that office for too long. Somedays I find every conversation irritating. I wanted to avoid questions directed at me, like 'so what are you doing this weekend', so that's how I duck.

I saw a groundhog in a backyard in the middle of the city this summer. Here I thought they only came out on February 1st to tell us if winter would soon be over.

'No', she told me. She's never really thought about it. Surprise surprise. She's not a good mental match for me. I'm not talking intellect, cause she could probably out-statistically analyze me any day. I'm talking interpersonal relations. Everyone can't be everything for everyone at all times but sometimes it comes down to a friend as a kind of mirror. There are some who leave you seeing yourself in ways you can live with. Others leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Friday I had the bad taste.

I'm just waiting out the monotony. Waiting for inspiration. Waiting to make my move. I've let things stagnate. Too much sentimentality isn't a good thing. It's like my Ipod. I only have so much space and so If I don't turn over some music, try something new, someone new, I'll be left with a soundtrack of stale songs. It'll be 2020 and I'll still be listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

So this morning I used that analogy and took it literally. Sometimes you need to start with the most concrete approach. I went through my music and cleaned house. I took care of that business. It seemed like a good place to start.

I can't get enough Blue October. I also like Gwen Stefani's new release. I like almost anything she does. NO ONE else could get away with that yodeling shit. Jay-z's new CD? I'm undecided. Metric - love it.


Lx said...

interesting how Ronin and i were just discussing the deterioration/downfall of No Doubt. we were both loving how they started out in the late 80s as a ska band, with roots reaching back to The Specials and The Clash, and how now Gwen Stefani has become some sort of fashion freakshow who puts out horrible shit. ah well...

Rachel said...

Funny how that works. And here I thought you and I were identical twins. Ah well. Chacun son gout, right? To each his own.

I do, however, still have a love for the specials and the clash.

Have you ever listened to Metric? I highly recommend - you may not be so keen now to trust me re: music, but they're nothing like gwen.