Sunday, October 29, 2006

holding helium

On most days
I can let myself out
In metered doses.
It's for your own good
But for example
I can’t make any promises
When I’ve been drinking.
I make no guarantees.
Last night
You're just lucky
I didn't have your number.
I stood there in the bar
With my friends
But alone
With the realization
That I can never go back
To a time when this would have been
My kind of fun.
A lonely thought.
And I know
You would have understood.

I'm lured in by your sweetness.
Your nooks and crannies
And you get it.
You get me.
Do you know the relief that brings?
But then like everything
Eventually does
You'll turn off
Like a light.

There's nothing to hold onto here
It's just a string
And a slow leak.


Lx said...

very good and sharp.
i'm the opposite; you can tell how drunk i get by how little comes out, or how little i talk.
if we ever make it out for that drink, and you catch me sitting quietly and smiling, not having said anything in'll know i'm well-soused and done with it.
you can then put me to bed.

Lx said...

yea, also...the more friends or people surround me at "the bar," the more detrimental for my state of mind/being. very, very lonely. it's why i'm always grabbing that drink by myself--and none of my friends understand why i'd rather do that, than go out in a large group.

Rachel said...

Nice pic, by the way.

If we go for a drink and I talk and talk and tell you how crazy I am about you, you'll know I'm well soused and you might wish I would go to bed already.

Anonymous said...

very bare bones. i really liked it.

Lx said...


Rachel said...

Bare bones. I like that.

Thanks Chap.