Sunday, January 02, 2005

I'm hot

My apartment is so hot. Do you think it is normal that I make no move to turn down the heat? Sadly, I am so excited to not be cold now that I am back from being in my parents freezing house I am relishing the heat. I wonder if it isn't good for me to be this hot?

I feel like a 5 year old - I don't want to go to bed (insert kvetchy voice). Maybe I just won't until I feel like it from now on. If I get too tired from staying up, then I will want to go to bed and then I will, right? Why do I feel guilty when I am not in bed "at a decent hour". It is like I have a built in Mother in my brain. I am 30! I love staying up late so fuck it.

It is 2005. Maybe this year will be a big year for me. I will finish grad school, travel a bit, find an interesting career path, write, paint, dance, have fun, and meet someone (not in any particular order).

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