Sunday, January 16, 2005

hairy doorknob

Back from the date and making lasagna. I can't even come up with a nickname for this guy. He just doesn't have any annoying quirks. That makes it sound like it was perfection (something I am truly not expecting). It wasn't, but iot was fun. S was really genuine, interesting, with a good sense of humour. I can not think of one thing about his personality that annoyed me, which must be a first. He wasn't pretentious, flaky, over-eager, insecure. All of that being said, while I wasn't necessarily physically attracted to him, I wasn't not attracted either (I know, double negative, but you get the point). It was only a coffee so expecting sparks in an hourn might be lofty. The only wierd thing is that when we were leaving, he didn't refer to a next time. I was waiting for him to say something after I thanked him for a nice time and he didn't. I guess that means he may or may not call. I would be happy to go out for a second date, so we will see how it all pans out.

I got this thing for may hair - it is kind of like a scrunchy elastic, but it has what looks like human hair all around it. When I put my hair up with it, it makes it look more full, kind of funky. It is kind of like a women's toupe...I will call it my "system". So I decided that the best place to store my "system" would be my bathroom doorknob where I keep hair elastics. It looks hysterical! I might scare my guests, but I find it amusing ever time I walk by. My friend is on her way down to see my hairy doorknob...and borrow a CD.

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