Friday, June 02, 2006

stick to labour relations CUPE

The Ontario division of CUPE (The Canadian Union of Public Employees), Canada's largest union, has recently voted to boycott Israel. Of all of the current human rights issues in the world (i.e., Sudan, China, Zimbabwe, Syria, and North Korea to name but a few), this union has decided to boycott Israel in a vote held this past Saturday, on the Jewish Sabbath no less, which prevented any of the Jewish delegates from attending.

The following piece from the Montreal Gazette, re-published in the Toronto Star yesterday, addresses the issue well.

CUPE should stick to labour relations instead of calling for a boycott of the only democracy in the Middle East. If you agree, sign this petition.

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Lx said...

"Boycott Sal's Famous!"
-Buggin' Out ("Do The Right Thing")