Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have an occasional reader from Australia, from a place called Homebush (g'day mate). It got me to thinking about how when I returned to Canada from Australia, I kept hearing about brush fires in the southern US on the news, like the ones they had in Australia when I was there, only they called them 'bush' fires.

Because I have an adolescent boy's sense of humour, I found it incredibly difficult to keep a straight face when people in Australia said 'bush' - and they said it so much!

As evidenced by my most recent excursion in Canada, we have a lot of forest here, but I swear people do not talk about the forest as much as they talk about it in Australia. Or maybe it's just not as noticeable.

In Australia it's always about the "bush". It's "bush" this, "bush" that...

"We're surrounded by bush"

"We were knee deep in bush"

"Don't get lost in the bush".

It kills me - in a good way*

*Disclaimer: There is nothing funny about bush fires or brush fires or forest fires, UNLESS you use the word bush, and then it is half funny (bush=funny, fire=not funny, which=50% funny).


pseudonym said...

I love your math.

Rachel said...

thanks Teach

ChapFu said...

i also enjoyed the math. haha. bush.

Lx said...

my fave still remains that crazy primate: the Bush Baby. Now that is the biggest DUUUUH?!

Leezer said...

I'm with you. And reading this reminds me of that line delivered by the late actor J.T. Walsh in Sling Blade, "I love a big BUSH."