Friday, February 10, 2006

wild staring eyes

Is it really Friday again?

Exactly like last Friday, tonight I came home after work, the gym, and the grocery store. I sat down here on the couch with my notebook, Pink Floyd on the radio, coat tossed on a chair, and my bags at my feet.

Just like that, the week is gone in a flash and here I am again, bursting at the seams.

We are all seven days older. I am only 4 points behind first place in my hockey pool AND I only have one injury (well Hamrlik is injured, but for the purpose of my pool, he is mine). Good thing I am injury-free because tomorrow I am going to spinning class to sweat this shitty week away. Later I will have my nails filed short and painted dark red. Tomorrow night there will be lots of wine and people. I will go with it - let the wine get to my head. I will have impractical conversations and I will feel the heat in my cheeks.


Anonymous said...

all right; two what-the-fucks:
1. what the fuck is spinning class?
2. what the fuck is hockey?

possible answers:
1. a class during which every student performs a whirling dervish
2. that sport that Janet Jones bets on...on behalf of The Great One.


Rachel said...

1. Close - Spinning (cycling)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spinning is a form of exercise that involves using a stationary bicycle in a classroom setting. The spin-class concept was created in the 1980s by Jonathan Goldberg ("Johnny G"). It involves a combination of physical and mental ability, requiring you to use your imagination in each class as the scenery never changes.

A typical class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling. The routines are designed to emulate terrain and situations encountered in actual bicycle rides, including hill climbs, sprints and interval training. (However, there is no coasting downhill!) The instructor uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate the students to work hard.

The difficulty of the spinning workout is modulated in three ways:

by varying the resistance on a flywheel attached to the pedals.

by changing the cadence (the speed at which the pedals turn). Pedalling faster against high resistance expends more energy than pedalling slowly against low resistance.

by sitting or standing in various positions:
forward; hands at the frontmost part of the handlebars
middle; hands between the front and rear of the handlebars
rear; hands at the rearmost part of the handlebars (the usual position when sitting)
hovering; standing with all movement in the upper body and hips stopped and only the legs in motion
Each of these positions works the muscles in slightly different ways. Proper form for standing while pedalling requires the body to be more upright and the back of the legs touching or enveloping the point of the saddle, with the center of gravity directly over the crank.

A spin class is usually conducted to music. Riders may synchronize their pedalling to be in time with the rhythm of the music, thus providing an external stimulus to encourage a certain tempo. Often, the music chosen by the instructor is dance music or rock music set to a dance beat (i.e. 4/4 time), but not necessarily. This tends to help motivate participants to work harder than they might otherwise.

2. exactly

Anonymous said...

damitol! i was looking forward to crashing a whirling dervish class.