Tuesday, February 14, 2006

heart of darkness

V-day sucks. So far my plans involve yoga after work, immediately followed by bosu ball and then the rest of my evening is undecided. Shoshana asked me to meet up later but when I realized what day it was I assumed she made a mistake. I called her to remind her.

"Hey Shosh, you can't meet up with me later, it's Valentine's Day. Don't you and Josh have plans?"

"I know what day it is, but we have no plans. If Josh remembers what day it is, maybe I'll make plans with him, but until then..."

Until then what? Your idiot single friend will do? When he remembers (and he will be forced to remember), I'll be dropped. Not cool, but the problem is, every other person I know has their own V-day activity or they're away. I am trying so hard to come up with a reason to cancel Shoshana before she cancels me. So far I can only come up with one idea:

Go see the new movie "Neil Young: Heart of Gold", wearing a balaclava to avoid the embarrassment of a solo movie on February 14th.



ChapFu said...

you have couple friends named josh and shosh. ha.
i was going to do that exact same thing tonight. i don't really care that it's pathetic. i'm just not sure i feel like neil young.

Lx said...

uh...let's see, i'm married and here's the lineup at my house:

7 pm, dinner w/an overactive toddler
8 pm toddler gets bath
8:30 pm toddler goes to bed--proceeds to cough for half an hour
9 pm Mom goes to bed exhausted while Pops tries to write something
9:30 pm, Pops gives up writing anything with substance and decides to watch speed skating from Torino.
10 pm, Pops falls asleep w/the TV on downstairs.
2 am, Pops realizes he's left the TV on, turns it off, never makes it upstairs to the bedroom.
5:45 am, Pops is up to get ready for work.


(talks of a "romantic" dinner later next week ensue around 8:30 pm, but toddler's constant cough suspends them)

Rachel said...

What??? J, how could you not feel like Neil? He's magic! I didn't end up going to the movie though - and I didn't get dissed.

The grass is always greener amp - doesn't sound so bad to me. Take away the coughing and add in some sex. Sounds pretty perfect.

Anonymous said...

you're insane.
i'm now convinced.
if that shit doesn't sound boring to you, maybe YOU should have married me.
crazy kanuck broads...


ChapFu said...

i like neil. don't get me wrong. i did say i was going to that movie! i suppose i'm just feeling saturated with musicians between my two jobs right now.
and i'll split the difference between you two. amp's life doesn't sound very attractive to me at this point. but, as i've always said, with the right person i'd be up for it. and yeah, sex.

Anonymous said...

amp is hamming it up a bit. it's not quite so bad. after all, there is plenty of booze in the house. plus, i got ronin for a friend. and he's only about a mile away. and contrary to popular belief...the missus does let me out of the cage a few times a week.