Sunday, October 30, 2005

shout out

It was warm and sunny. I had lunch with Josh on a patio and we did crosswords. He was annoyed with me because my concentration was spread too thin, between the newspaper and the continuous stream of people to watch. I was just happy to be outside. For the end of October, sitting on the patio is pretty rare. Weather here can be touch and go this time of year.

Last night I went for a run at dusk. I dressed for cool and had to keep peeling layers off. I ran through neighborhoods with adorable brick houses, coated in carpets of leaves and glowing orange at the windows. Inside I could see people gathered around kitchen tables, a young boy standing at a porch door, in anticipation for someone to arrive. I passed people and their dogs, couples in Saturday night clothes parking their cars for a pre-movie dinner. Despite the warm air, the smell was autumn through and through. Fallen leaves and chimney smoke.

Tonight I went again, only this time, with the time change it was darker. Warmer though. It was quiet in a Sunday night kind of way. Just before I left I was hit with a fear that if something should happen to me, no one would be home to know. My plan was to leave squash baking in the oven and sauce simmering on the stove. What would happen if something happened? Would my apartment eventually catch fire and burn? At that moment it actually felt irresponsible to think I would return home safely. That is just crazy. I was not going to let myself get away with that. I decided to assume I would be ok. I had to. I took a chance and ran.

PS I would like to give a shout out to AMP along with the following message: Have a good night!


The Creative Death said...

I like your writing style, very cool blog you have here.

Lx said...

Piss off, you!

Rachel said...

Creative Death: Thanks for reading and for the compliment.

A...I got nothin'...