Wednesday, October 26, 2005

on the table

I am at work today and my stomach hurts - I feel like lying down. There is no one around and my door is locked so I contemplate it for a minute, knowing I would feel better if I did. I imagine crawling onto my meeting table in the center of my office, and that unbeknownst to me the table has some rare inherent flaw and it cracks under my weight. I see myself crash to the floor and I break my neck. Unable to move I lay broken on the floor, waiting for someone to find me.

Do you see what I do to myself? All of this in a one second flash. No wonder I am so stuck right now.

It’s the broken neck.


ChapFu said...

as far as i can tell, "stuck" is going around. wiggle your big toe. anything's something!

you definitely write about your day better than me. i really do hate writing about my day.

Lx said...

ah. that's nothing. you should see how I torture myself. you'd put me out of my misery, i'm sure.

Rachel said...

Stuck IS going around!

Chapfu, I like when you write about your day.

Amp, I believe you do torture yourself by far more than you deserve.