Sunday, September 18, 2005

Vedder and butter

I saw U2 this weekend - had the worst seats in the house, and that is no exaggeration. In fact, to say I had the worst seats in the house is an exaggeration. I didn't have a seat. I was in the back row, standing room only.

I have never been a big fan, but someone bought me a ticket and I knew it would be a good show. It was. One of the big highlights was when Eddie Vedder appeared on-stage and sang a song with the band. I love the surprise appearance. The only problem was the sound quality. I could hear the music well enough but could never hear what Bono was saying.


Sunday night....always a crappy feeling for me. However, I did play a great game of tennis today. My serve was like butter.


Lx said...

didja kick it out wide to the backhand, or didja go down the middle flat, Roddick stylee? or didja "American Twist" it?

Rachel said...

I would say Roddick style, but I am not so up with the lingo (or frankly the skill). I am relatively new but not bad. My plan is to be competitive by the time I retire in 25 years.

Rachel said...

Whew! I am going to U2's concert here next month. I spent too much on the tickets so I am glad to hear it is a good show.

See you on TV for seniors tennis tournaments ;-)