Saturday, September 03, 2005


I have been planning it for months. The next time I make a tangible mistake, I want to capture the object of my human error.

My mind doesn't want to cooperate. I have spilled, I have broken, but immediately I become selectively task-oriented and I clean it up without a thought.

Maybe like in the previous post, I will be able to wait this one out. Maybe everything will float.


ChapFu said...

assuming you do manage to "capture" it. what, then, do you do with it?

Rachel said...

Photograph it (although my skills don't come close to yours) and/or paint it. Maybe even write about it.

These moments are rare and significant, just past the point, where anticipation is no longer relavant.

ChapFu said...

i'll say good luck. trapping a piece of meaning in time is tricky. vision is vision, though. don't say i have "skills" and that yours don't compare. i attempt to match my vision, unsuccessfully, just like you.