Wednesday, September 07, 2005

miracles and noises

It was Chanukkah in September. My Ipod was dead, dead, dead. Five minutes before I had to leave work I remembered I forgot to re-charge for my trip home. I plugged it in, went to the washroom, came back and left for home.

It lasted the entire way!!!

Simple pleasures.

My soundtrack:

Subway train, New York Dolls
Sexy Plexy, Jack Johnson
I gotta getcha, Jermaine Dupri
Sleeping in, The Postal Service
Creep, Radiohead
Let your backbone slide, Maestro Fresh Wes


That noise from the Emily Rose movie trailor scares me. I feel like hiding a knife under my pillow.


ChapFu said...

creep might be my favourite song of all time. the reasons for that may or may not be obvious. it's NOT because it's like a rapsack backpack, though. (so many suckers on my sacroiliac)

Anonymous said...

i saw the emily rose movie last is creepy but suprisingly gooood. don't be scared.

Rachel said...

Anon: thanks for the movie review.

Chapfu: Is it because you wish you were special or are you creepy? I am trying to imagine the reasons - other than the fact that it is a great song.

PS I always thought it would be cool if I had so many comments that I had to address each person by name when I responded, the way I have seen other bloggers do it. I decided to just go with it. Two will do.

ChapFu said...

it's because i oh so wish i was special...

no, it's because i'm a creep. i don't know. i'm NOT creepY, though. i'll tell you that.

and anon. i doubt you're so anon.

Rachel said...

Chapfu, you know the song, No Surprises by Radiohead? I used to think the words in the third verse were:

Such a pretty ass
And such a pretty girl

It was so perfectly random I can't help but be dissapointed that I was wrong.