Saturday, February 19, 2005

stemming the flow

So far this weekend I have been very productive. I got my laundry done last night (I didn't say I was social) and this morning I made breakfast (smoothies and waffles) for myself and my classmate so we could work on our seminar. That was fun and semi-productive. Now, I have time to download some music and create new playlists. This afternoon I am going on another blind date/coffee. This guy sounded cool on the phone, so I am looking forward to it. It is pretty amazing when you have never met someone but can joke around on the phone and 'get' each other. From my experience, that doesn't necessarily foreshadow a successful match, it is just of note that people can be in synch having never met.

I leave to go south on Thursday, so this week is going to be busy, what with the waxings and mani/pedicures. My throat has been sore for a few days so if it isn't better by Monday I may have to get it looked at. I want to be fully healthy there. I feel fine otherwise.

Last night the tenor used an amazing analogy to describe the way interpersonal process plays out. He likened it to those magnetic gadgets, with all of the little metal pieces. When you drop them onto the surface, they fall into the shape of the magnet. Preverbal experiences can behave as a magnetic field. Interactions are shaped by these pre-determined patterns. Two people with similarly shaped magnetic fields, so to speak, are in synch. In my field, the hammer is always about to fall. Humanity opposed by the mechanistic. The morning after, stemming the flow, being put in your place, the obligitory anti-climax, the final solution.

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