Friday, February 11, 2005

love is for suckers

Remember when I said I bumped into my old manager from the restaurant I worked at when I first moved to the big city? On Saturday when we were out he told me that he had a Jewish friend he wanted to set me up with. I got a message from him when I was out of town, telling me to call him back asap because something strange had happened re: this Jewish friend. I called him and apparently I HAVE ALREADY GONE OUT WITH THIS GUY!!! It took some promting before I remembered the date about a year ago. Is the Jewish population in this city that small? Is it possible that I have exhausted the potentials? What's up with that? He was actually cute and tall. He seemed nice, although I remember he gave me the impression he wasn't very social. At the time I thought that was strange because he looked very cool - a good dresser. I think I was dissapointed with my impression.

One thing I have recently learned about myself is that, although I find the charismatic, social guys attractive at first, it doesn't last. I think that on some level, I need a good deal of attention for me - I am not so sure I want too much competition. If my old roommates, Josh and Lana were reading this, they would laugh, "Are you just figuring this out?" Good or bad, I think this may be the reality. That's where Michael was perfect for me. A perfect balance. He was hysterical, but didn't overpower me. We had fun together. My job wasn't soley to admire him and the reverse was true as well.

All the travelling this week has left me exhausted. Valentine's Day weekend and I turned down a party, drinks and dinner with friends, came home, cooked Friday night dinner alone, and to top it off, rented The Notebook (a true love story). You might think, is she crazy? A glutton for punishment? Well, maybe a little, but I am also a sucker for love.

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