Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my summer of discontent

The summer of 2006
July 29th to be exact
One month before my thirty-second birthday.
I stood waiting
For the streetcar
Listening to two young girls
Talk about
What someone said
To someone
About something.

As I recall it was hot out that afternoon.
It felt like I was standing next to a bus
And I thought,
All year I’ve been waiting for the heat
Happiness resting just under the soil
Ready to come through with a little sun.
And to think
I've wasted the whole summer
Waiting for something to happen
For the weekends that would come up empty
For the next celebratory event
That had little to do with me.
Where I played the filler
With nothing in it
To fill me.

The remainder of the summer
Has plodded along.
Its' heaviness made changing course
And I won't feel bad
That I have
Ruminated and
Lost sleep
While bad things are happening
Around the world,
Because if I have learned nothing else
I can at least tell you,
On the eve of my 32nd birthday,
That while I care about everything
I can not carry everything.


The Fed Ex of Funk said...

You've been a reliably thought-provoking read all summer. No waste there. Happy birthday!

Lx said...

happy b-day.
see? all the pieces of the puzzle are now coming together.
and you're getting it.
how wonderful that is.
wish i could be there and share a drink with you.
but you're having fun, and I would spoil it all.

ChapFu said...

happy birthday!
cheers to the revelation that we're all everybody else's filler!
i will be having a drink in your honour this evening. any preference?

pseudonym said...

I get the feeling that you are worth putting down some tire tracks. Be well.

Rachel said...

FEF, likewise and thanks!

El, you wouldn't spoil shit. I would love to have a drink with you!

Chapfu, how about a lemon drop or a shot of goldschlager or a bottle of keith's (in honor of my home province)?

Pseudo S, Funny, I get the same feeling about you.

Thanks guys! You are very sweet.