Thursday, January 19, 2006

green light

I am going to be fine. Although sometimes lately I may sound a little melancholy, and I may well be, I am going through something interesting. Not necessarily bad.

I am writing like crazy. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe I am putting a few things away, so to speak. Shedding a few layers of skin. Or maybe I am stirring it up. Seeing where things fall. Either way it feels transitional.

Some of it will appear here. It may or may not be interesting to read, may even be a bit messy. My instinct is to smooth it out for my wonderful (read small - and extremely good looking) audience. File away the rough spots. No surprises. But if I can't genuinely put it out here, then I may as well just stop.


tomesa said...

hi rachel...chapfu's cuzin-roomie here...have been reading you for awhile now...or more accurately, identifying with you...being inspired by you...welcome to january. the apparently thought-provoking, slap you in the face with yourself month, filled with a mix of blahs, recharging, change, and extreme disdain for cold weather no matter how long you've lived in canada. looking foward to whatever spills onto your blog pages. oh and i just registered for an adult ballet class today.

Anonymous said...

what goes on at these Adult ballet classes?

how's that song go?


Rachel said...

Thanks for reading and for the comment Tomesa. I appreciate that and I hope you enjoy ballet. I love every minute of it.

Something very special, amp. I'm thinking you might give it a try and see for yourself. Anything with the word 'adult' in front of it has to be good, eh?