Sunday, January 15, 2006


It is Sunday. I left the house only to bring my recycling out to the bin. It is negative ten degrees celcius. It is uninhabitable.

I have an aching back. I helped my friend move into her new home. My apartment seems smaller today.

I spoke to this guy my aunt is setting my up with. She emailed me last week to tell me she gave him my number and to expect to hear from him. Not a request. It was already done.

The problem is I can't be 'on' right now. It just isn't in me. Still, the conversation went fine. He grows tomatoes. That sounds gay to me. I shouldn't be so negative, right? He will be the one who comes out on top. He will have tons of tomatoes.

I could almost laugh if I thought anything was funny today. This is prime, moody, hibernating, January, cold weather, angry, Sunday. One of those days that I wouldn't want to fuck with me.


ChapFu said...

i just laughed my face off. snap judgements are funny. anyway, good luck with the set-ups. i still refuse any of that shit because people have ludicrous ideas about who would be a good match for me.
by the way: minus ten is nothing! we're in canada for god's sake!

Anonymous said...

"he grows tomatoes"


not in -10 he doesn't.


Rachel said...

I thought i said i wouldn't want to fuck with me today, and look at you two!

Anonymous said...

i wasn't fucking with you...i just bust out laughing at the grows his own tomatoes line.

reminds me of an old radio commercial, went something like: "farmer john smokes his own bacon"

now THAT'S one tough son of a bitch.


I LOVE YOU said...