Sunday, June 26, 2005

here's to hoping

So far so good with the letting things go and living. However, my contact with humans has been limited this weekend so we will see.

Today the weather was perfect and I spent the day at a pool, swam outside, and did some of my reading. Saturday I put in a solid 8 hours of research work. I have also been really great with walking and eating fruit everyday. I feel good.

Friday I had a run-in with the law - the law being my date. It was our second time out and...let me put it this way, although there is something to be said for a guy with handcuffs and a gun, I am not feeling it. With all of that equipment, let's just hope he is not the angry type.

My throat is feeling sore all of a sudden, my Tivo is on the fritz (in the middle of a great documentary) and I should be doing something project related rather than sitting here and writing this.


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