Monday, September 22, 2008

variety show

Don Rickles was the highlight of the Emmy awards. I PVR'ed it and I am watching it in installments. I don't have the patience for three hours of this. Anyway, I loved Rickle's tribute to his wife of 42 years, Barbara "who sits all day on the Malibu sands with her jewelery, signaling ships".


I am liking my job more than I thought I would. I'm working directly with patients, I am involved in research, and there's more. Just last week I pitched my first story. It wasn't the New York Times, but I had an idea and the room to move and it worked out well.


I have a date later this week. This is the first guy I have met in a very long time that I am looking forward to going out with.


I can't help but think, as the US election draws close, that the Republicans could very well do it again. I have to tell you how frightening that is to me. It makes me want to move far, far away from this forsaken continent. Please. Please people. If you can, don't just talk about it.

Get out the vote.


(S)wine said...

I was amazed Don Rickles is still alive. Last time I saw him was in Scorsese's "Casino" back in '93. That being said, it's still bullshit he got an Emmy over Colbert's show. Actually, now that I think of it, I quickly read his memoir last year ( It was quite benign.

We are almost freaking out here how close this race is. It's in-credible that almost half the people here think we're in good enough shape to continue these bozos' reign.

Anonymous said...

award shows and elections are useless.

Rachel said...

Please tell me that after last night people see Palin and her sad party for what they are. And that was the best she will ever be able to come up with.

If the numbers don't start leaning to the left you can go ahead and freak out. It is ridiculous.

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!