Monday, October 22, 2007

escape plan

Struck with a terminal fatigue, I left for home on this beautiful October Monday, did two loads of laundry, ate a cadbury premium dark chocolate bar and did not go for a run. Sometimes you just need time to recover.

I think I'll go to work tomorrow, but I leave the window open a crack to the possibility that I won't. I won't if I can't. But I probably will.

My muscles are sore from playing touch football on Saturday in Trinity Bellwoods Park with a group of my twenty-something friends, fueled only by a giant keg of beer. It made me feel simultaneously old and young.

Lana is stuck somewhere between the santa ana winds and The Fire, on "vacation" with her 8 month old. Sitting inside all day in Southern California, smelling of bonfires was not a part of that plan, but at least they are safe. I hope they stay that way.

It's 9:15. I am going to sleep it all off. The last fake summer day of the Autumn has ended. Despite not seeing enough of it today, I was able to really take it in yesterday. And it was splendid. Every single moment of it. The smell of the air, the drying fallen leaves, running past a young hipster family in the park who were singing, incidentally, Fallen Leaves, a great punk rock song by Billy Talent, with their two small children who knew every single word; my kind of family.

I've been running with Harry lately. Spending time with him wasn't the plan, but he's been consistent [or persistent] with his invitations and phone calls and I lost interest in saying no, and since I've been dating again it's been easier for me to be around him and he's been even more...consistent. Whatever. It's nice to have someone to run with and he makes me go faster.

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