Sunday, July 08, 2007

the friday blues

So I pretty much met my entire blog readership on Friday night, which was great since I've known them 'computorially' for a long time. I couldn't pass up the opprtunity to put faces to font. I met JC, his cousin T of no known blogging address, Sunshine, and a special guest. They were as I imagined they would be, but funnier.

I joined them for drinks, served by a Julie Delpy look-alike, with a background of [apparently] slightly off-key blues/jazz. There were a couple of John Cusask look-alikes, an episode of neck picking, a tall man either drooling or lactating [no one knows for sure], the discovery that blue curacao [pronounced CURE-uh-sow] and rolaids combine smoothly, and that everything is funny when you're, "on advil". Finally, the consensus was reached that while it is acceptable to carry rolaids around with you, it would not, for example, be acceptable to carry metamucil in your purse. At one point there was a tree-falls-in-the-forest-argument presented, more specifically that if you didn't offer it around and no one knew, perhaps that would be ok, but in the end the line was drawn for an all-out ban.

So I expected that meeting this group for the first time would feel more surreal, strange, or uncomfortable, but it really didn't. It was great. I'm glad it worked out.

P.S. Your biblical reading material is in the mail.


Lx said...

by the way, there's nothing wrong with lactating.
even if you're a man.

chapman said...

nice wrap-up.
i think you covered everything. i'm glad we're still on the same page about the metamucil. i think it's for the best.