Sunday, July 15, 2007

black jetta

So I'm biking down Dupont east of Ossington this afternoon when these big dark clouds appear out of nowhere. Of course this time the shitty forecasters DIDN'T call for rain, but rain it did. All week they've been crying rain and all week I lugged my umbrella to work and back for nothing.

So I'm riding my bike and it's spitting and I'm listening to my new favourite metric song, the twist, in my right ear only [for safety], and this beater, a dull black jetta circa 1989 that looked like it had been hand painted, pulls over about 50 metres ahead. I don't really know what 50 metres looks like, but being Canadian I thought it would be a good descriptor. Lets just say a half a block. And I see this hand waiving madly from the driver side window. As I approach, the bald guy in the car is waiving me over so I slow down.

"You can't pass someone on the right side like that", he says.

"What?", I ask. I actually heard him but I'm buying time because I don't know what the hell he's talking about and I'm trying to remember if I did that.

"That car you passed back there. You're gonna get yourself killed passing cars on the right when they stop to turn."

I look over my right shoulder.

"You're going to get me killed by pulling me over in the middle of the road to tell me this", I say. "Other than that, I appreciate the advice."

I pedal away. He passes me angrily a few seconds later, his 1989 motor purring like a harley davidson.

Now that I think of it, if I did do that he has a point [and the fact that I can't remember means that either way, I need to pay better attention].

PS This house on an alley in the Annex is my dream home. It is so central, so urban, not excessive. I wouldn't even need the benz parked in the driveway. I'd bike everywhere. I swear.


Lx said...

i'm partial to jettas.
i drive one.
'07 model, but still.
vw all the way for me.

would never bike
thru a city
with an ipod on
even half an ipod
watch that right turn missy
look up, here it comes...

Rachel said...

Yeah, yeah, I was in the wrong.

Tired Dad said...

Oh my shitting Jesus. THAT is a dream home? Fuck me, I assume you are joking.

Being English, I am led to believe that Canada is a Utopia. But if THAT is the height of your desire you must move here immediately. The NHS are short of good people and I could use a house mate.


Lx said...

that was fucking brilliant, dad.
that made me re-route my coffee through my nostrils and out to the keyboard.

Rachel said...

I know. Funny as always.

TD you have to know the context, and by context I mean the hood. It's pretty much in the heart of the city; within walking distance to everywhere. It's safe and nice(and way too expensive), crawling with hipsters. I think the pic didn't do it justice. Also it is built on a back street where all of the houses have their garages. Lx, you know The Annex, right? Near Little Italy.

Actually my sister lives in London and my Mom was born there so I could easily get a right of abode and move my ass there. So be careful, I might very well take you up on that.

Lx said...

i actually DO know the annex.
but i agree with TD, it LOOKS like complete shite.
in any case, better than garbagetown, uh, cabbagetown. or at least the area of cabbagetown in which i stayed.
word. (i stole that from JC)