Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i heart black and white cookies

I think I’m in love. NYC is everything I needed and so much more. There's nothing like it. It seems it was built for me, almost a déjà vu, like reading Bukowski for the first time. It was my second wind. As good as a year of Fridays, eating cotton candy and never feeling sick, pulling together a perfect sentence. It felt like home. I could walk that city from morning until night and never for a moment wish I were somewhere else, never be bored, never feel complacent. It’s just dirty and rough enough that I could breath with ease. It’s a song, a poem, a painting, and a million short stories. There were blossoms and sunshine and grit. There was noise, passion, and life. By default, it’s the land of my people: bagels, whitefish, matzoh brie and 'Shalom Nails'. It was the best three days I could have imagined. Surrounded by my girls, I found energy I didn’t know I had, walking all day, drinking all night. I wasn’t sad to leave though, and let me tell you why. As definitively as I knew Thursday night that I would feel sad like that again, I know I will be back there again. And most importantly, it feels good to know I have the capacity to be this happy. The extremes aren't lost on me. As bad as I can feel, I can feel just as good.

PS Black and white tastes even better in a cookie.


Lx said...

it's my favorite city in the world. there is nothing like it. currently reading "Downtown-my Manhattan" by Pete Hamill. it's a MUST READ for you if you love NYC. there's some fabulous historical stuff in there you need to know. plus, hamill is an old-school journalist (former editor of the NY Post) who captures his city better than anyone i've read so far. good to hear you had a nice time. shoot an email w/more details, if you have time. i like to vicariously live through other people's vacations. ha. i cannot...CANNOT wait to take the Kid to Rockefeller in winter to ice-skate, or...just Xmas in NYC is fabulous. you're as far from nyc there as i am from here--we must go more often.


Hilary said...

Did you have the Zabar's black and white? I have a recipe for it and it is amazing. Yum!

Rachel said...

H: I have no idea which they were, but they were good!!! Are they hard to bake? I would love to try!

A: I would like to read that - if only I could remember these things when it matters! I should go more often - I'll meet you there someday and we can go for a drink in a seedy old man bar - just how you like em'.

Hilary said...

They're not that difficult, just super consuming. The recipe's on my baking blog...let me know if you're going to give it a go.

Lx said...

it's a date.