Friday, March 25, 2005

write wrong

Goodbye $20.00 Israeli lesbian rug. I have had enough of you. Your padding endlessly sheds crumbs of an unknown substance, and you have started framing my life at home with a subtle gloom. Goodbye plaid InWear pants. I love you. It is hard to give you up because you were such a trade mark of me, but I have tried you on periodically and you aren't fit for the public eye. ....Maybe I should keep you for myself... Goodbye 4 pairs of everyday staple black shoes that haven't been an everyday staple for 2 or more years. Goodbye bad fake burberry bag. I wouldn't really even want you if you were real.

This weekend has been set aside for paper writing so I am cleaning my apartment. I can't write when my apartment feels wrong.

Do you think it is strange that I am watching Days of our Lives, a soap opera I haven't watched since highschool, and I pretty much know what's going on? Let's put this into perspective. I am 30.

My father called to tell me he is engaged. Why is it that my 58 year old father is getting married for the third time and I can hardly find a decent date. He can barely keep it together. I am financially resonsible, independant, only mildly neurotic (ok medium), intelligent, ambitious, creative, funny, semi-adventurous, easy on the eyes, great with kids and pets. What is that about?

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